Monday, February 9, 2009

This past Saturday, Jordan went to his first concert in St. George. The band was Hinder. Jordan was going to the concert with his dad and step-mom, but then I won tickets and backstage passes to meet Hinder. This is us with the band. It was pretty cool for us, especially for Jordan since it was his first concert. We had a great time and the concert was awesome!


  1. How fantastic that you won tickets & backstage passes!!! WOW, I bet you felt like a teenager again, and Jordan must have been amazed & in awe to have such an experience! Luv ya all!

  2. Yes! Dee you fixed your comments. Love your blog and I decided not to run the Marathon we'll get out there soon I promise. We just went to are first came of the season of course the Padres and Cubs. Woohoo!
    Love, ya